Happy Independence Day

15 August- Independence Day
Hey guys Happy Independence Day, enjoying ? but r we really independent to enjoy this day, yes or no ? lets have a look. tonnes and tonnes of grains are getting rotted but half of Indians sleep with hungry stomach every day. Millions of money is used in Constructions like stadium, flyover, bridge which even last 4 a year and more than 50% of Indians sleep on footpath, right of education in written on almost all alternative wall but there is no teachers to teach these people who are below poverty line, accidents are held everyday but instead of investigation people are made to forget their relatives with cash compensations of Rupees 1 to 5 lakhs, it is said that women's are free today but yet they fear to go out alone, violence is created to stop reservations for women's in legislature, youngster are welcomed in politics is said by politicians but they are stopped from standing in election saying youngster lack experience, every year most of the parts of India experience natural disaster instead of using new technology to stop or prevent it millions of money is spend after politician visits to a 5 star hotel and election promotion- on one hand it is said that youngsters are pillars for tomorrow they should not brain-drain but on another hand their is only unemployment, agriculture is backbone of India but half of total land remain un-watered during summer due to lack of irrigation facility instead money is wasted on IPL, on one hand a fully loaded petrol pump burns coal mine catches fire and slowly slowly turns to ash on other hand prices for fuel rises, there r few i highlighted yet there is more like these-why we need to take permission beg before America to do any thing this is why most Indian beg to survive, food,etc but then also their handful of people who work for India and Indian I salute them. time has not yet passed come together or it will be to late . come together so that we will no more beg before anyone and would make our self strong and independent, JAI HIND.