Facts About Titanic
It had been century since the great ship Titanic drove. On this eve even the well known movie Titanic was released in 3D. Seeing all this even I thought of contributing and so I'm going to write about some points about Titanic history.

  1. The idea of making Titanic was decided on 1907.
  2. July 1908 model was meant and was named as Titanic.
  3. Making started on March 1909.
  4. About 14000 labours were used.
  5. 300 frames were used to support it.
  6. among four chimney one was only for show.
  7. Olympic was the other ship which was being built beside Titanic.
  8. It took 5 years to be completed.
  9. During making of it 17 labours died.
  10. It weighted about 42,000 Neutric Tonnes.
  11. Titanic started to sail on 1912.
  12. 2200 passengers and workers were present during the first journey.
  13. 14 April 1912 it got hurt with a iceberg in Atlantic Ocean.
  14. Within 3 hours it drove.
  15. It drove at 2:40 AM.
  16. About 1500 people died.
  17. 14 April 2012 it is about 100 years since the ship drove