International Greeting Phrases

1.       Heartiest Diwali Greetings.
2.       ID Mubarak.
3.       Heartiest Bijoya Greetings.
4.       A Happy New Year to you.
5.       Many Happy Returns of the Day.
6.       Hearty Congratulations on the New Arrival.
7.       Congratulations on the Distinction Conferred on you.
8.       Best Wishes for a Long and Happy Married Life.
9.       A Merry Christmas to you.
10.   Hearty Congratulations on your Success in the Examination.
11.   Best Wishes for Safe and Pleasant Journey.
12.   Hearty Congratulations on Success in Election.
13.   Many Thanks for Your Good Wishes which We Reciprocate Most Heartily.
14.   Congratulations.
15.   Loving Greetings.
16.   May Heaven’s Chicest Blessings be showered on the Young Couple.
17.   Wish You Both a Happy and Prosperous Wedded Life.
18.   Kind Remembrance and all Good Whishes on the Independence Day.
19.   Sincere Greetings for the Republic Day. Long Live the Republic.
20.   My Heartiest Holi Greetings to you.
21.   Wishing the Function Every Success.
22.   Many Thanks for Your King Message of Greetings.
23.   Best Wishes for Your Success in the Examination.
24.   Best Wishes for Your Success in the Election.
25.   Convey our Blessings to the Newly Married Couple.
26.   Heartiest Pongal Greetings.
27.   Heartiest Guruparb Greetings.
28.   Greetings on the Occasion of Paryushan-a Day of Universal Forgiveness.
29.   Heartiest Onam Greetings.
30.   Best Wishes on Your Wedding Anniversary.
31.   Wish You a Happy Retired Life.
32.   Wish You a Speedy Recovery.
33.   Heartiest Ugadi Greetings.
34.   Congratulations on Your Victory.
35.   Wish You a Happy Bihu.
36.   A Happy Easter.
37.   Heartiest Greetings on Buddha Jayanti.
38.   Heartiest Congratulations on Grahapravesh.
39.   Heartiest Guru Ravidas Poornima Greetings.