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So it’s was add of one more day in startup industry history and few startup’s got funded with huge amount by different giant investors from around the world. The co-founders of these startup’s became millionaire and billionaire in a day, are few stories which will come to your ears after a kick start startup’s get funded.  These stories are like grapevine, but the reality is that there is huge effort involved in achieving this success. Each activity needs detailing from the very start whether it is Marketing, Finance, Operation or Manpower Handling. No company is built alone and neither with huge number of people from starting, it’s usually few like minded people/ entrepreneurs who come together becomes co-founders who fails learn and then starts again. In all these process they take help from few available software to make their work easy. Whether it is about keeping a track on daily cash flow for books of account or CTA (cost to acquire) customers. Actually there are bucket full of …

GD (Group Discussion)

Popular Topics for Group Discussion
GD (Group Discussion) is common today wherever you go. Whether you are an MBA Candidate/ Student or Engineer GD has become essential part of your academic. With the increase in competition it has become one of the essential steps used by selection committee. Thus you have to keep practicing to make your stand. Here are some topic that would definitely help you.
Some Common Topics For Practice
1.     Men are better managers than women.
2.     Customer is King.
3.     Stock Market is the best reflector of the economy.
4.     Manmohan Singh- More a Manager less a leader.
5.     Brain drain is better than brain in drain.
6.     A rough sea makes a good sailor.
7.     You Only Live Twice.
8.     Politicians are all honorable men.
9.     Agriculture subsidy- a necessary evil.
10.                        Censorship and our culture.
11.                        Should Indian railways be privatized?
12.                        Election today has nothing to do with good governance.
13.                        What are Indian’s security concerns?
14.                        What are the pros and cons of liberalization of insurance sector?
15.                        Should foreign publications be allowed to enter and compete in the domestic market?
16.                        USA the biggest threat to world peace.
17.                        Reservation for women in education and service.
18.                        Democracy is a sort of one man rule.
19.                        Indian corporate are puppets in the hands of Indian politicians.
20.                        Should India make peace with Pakistan?
21.                        Is it possible to reach a consensus in decision making?
22.                        Political parties should be banned in India.
23.                        Budgets do not matter finance ministers do.
24.                        Regional parties should be encouraged.
25.                        Should business houses finance elections?
26.                        The need to declare India a Hindu state.
27.                        The army should be used to maintain internal order.
28.                        How can the Indian political system be improved?
29.                        Privatization- Key to block production.
30.                        Do Indian politicians really care for India?
31.                        The age of a single party rule is over.
32.                        Have our leaders kept the promises they made at the time of Independence?
33.                        Is cricket hampering the growth of other sports in India?
34.                        Cricket selection should be strictly based on merit.
35.                        Should betting in cricket be legalized?
36.                        It’s just not cricket!
37.                        Indian sportsmen need a killer instinct.
38.                        India should stop taking part in sports at international level.
39.                        One day cricket is just not cricket.
40.                        Only MBAs should be made sports managers.
41.                        Future of sports in India.
42.                        Test matches should be abolished.
43.                        Cricket is an unhealthy national obsession.
44.                        India’s sporting standards are so poor that it should not participate in overseas competitions.
45.                        It does not matter if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.
46.                        Are animals better than human beings?
47.                        Dead yesterday, born tomorrow.
48.                        How important is victory?
49.                        Surds are duds.
50.                        Small is beautiful.
51.                        Honesty is the best policy.
52.                        Catch is young.
53.                        Barefoot doctors.
54.                        Golden shackles are better than ironworks.
55.                        Money is the sixth sense without which you cannot enjoy the other senses.
56.                        Time- there it goes…
57.                        Deeper shades of black.
58.                        Up in the sky.
59.                        The last few lines.
60.                        Highly Inflammable.
61.                        What about me.
62.                        Keep running ahead.
63.                        D you need rules.
64.                        Do you need a ruler?
65.                        The falling star.
66.                        Water burns more than fire.
67.                        Brown is a beautiful color.
68.                        White poison.
69.                        The color orange.
70.                        The 3rd eye.
71.                        Horse sense.
72.                        As the crow flies.
73.                        You only live twice.
74.                        Dreams can happen.
75.                        There is a pink pajama at the top of the Red Fort.
76.                        The alphabet A.
77.                        A red spot in the sky.
78.                        We’re being watched.
79.                        Life after death.
80.                        Twinkle twinkle little star.
81.                        And the clock struck 13.
82.                        The spear that pierces heaven.
83.                        The yellow canary.
84.                        Footprints.
85.                        Is love just four letter word.
86.                        Rational thinking makes a man inhuman.
87.                        The pen is mightier than the sword, but fanaticism is the mightiest of all.
88.                        Good things happen to bad people.
89.                        What is there in a brand name?
90.                        Your name.
91.                        Mother.
92.                        Late come, first serve.
93.                        Black is beauty.
94.                        Dilemma.
95.                        Time is money.
96.                        Snakes are better than crocodiles.
97.                        The more you gain, the more you pay.
98.                        Man only counts his sorrows not joys.
99.                        It is better to sit still than rise and fall.
100.                   Those who lose are the real winners.
101.                   Cats are better than dogs.
102.                   Should freedom of speech take precedence over national security?
103.                   Hindi should be used as a language for national integration.
104.                   Aids test should be made compulsory.
105.                   Is population a boon?
106.                   Corruption in India.
107.                   Non-Aligned movement.
108.                   Premarital sex.
109.                   Role of English as a medium of communication in India.
110.                   Should women be offered reservation in the parliament?
111.                   The next generation is a generation of rebels.
112.                   No sex please: we are Indians.
113.                   Can India still boast about being a secular country?
114.                   Should a ban be imposed on girls wearing jeans and shorts?
115.                   Advertising- a boon or curse for the consumers?
116.                   Has western music invaded our culture?
117.                   Leaders are born not made.
118.                   Vada Pao vs. Burger.
119.                   Internet access should be made free in India.
120.                   Is milk good for health?
121.                   Violence is a prerequisite for social and economic change.
122.                   Should English be the national language of India?
123.                   Has religion any place in modern day society? While industries are becoming sick, industrialists are becoming richer.
124.                   All newspaper in India should be nationalized.
125.                   More marriages are breaking up because of women joining the labour force.
126.                   The press should be given unlimited freedom.
127.                   Manufacturing of luxury goods should be banned in India.
128.                   Terrorism is legitimate form of war.
129.                   Dowry is a necessary evil.
130.                   Should the retirement age in government organizations be reduced to 50 years?
131.                   Be Indian, Buy Indian.
132.                   T.V. creates artificial needs.
133.                   The Narmada Dam should not be built.
134.                   Hindi films are the strongest integrating force.
135.                   Khadi is better than denim.
136.                   The future of family planning policies in India.
137.                   The Indian middle class lacks conviction.
138.                   Euthanasia should be legally permitted.
139.                   Beauty contest are a method of women’s liberation.
140.                   One world, one family.
141.                   Satellite T.V. is dangerous for Indian youth.
142.                   Religious structures on public land should be demolished.
143.                   National integration in a multi- ethnic society like India is a myth.
144.                   We have exchange our golden heritage for a pair of blue jeans.
145.                   Population growth is boon for India.
146.                    Indian values and beliefs are contrary to current management practices.
147.                   Do films need to be censored?
148.                   The launch of multinationals in India will wipe out the Indian brand.
149.                   Good managers- born or made?
150.                   The manager of the future will have to be culturally savvy.
151.                   Women make good marketing managers.
152.                   Women make better managers than men.
153.                   India needs managers and not leaders.
154.                   Our country needs more technocrats and fewer managers.
155.                   Success comes not so much by solving problems as by exploiting opportunity.
156.                   Indian management should find its own ethos; American and Japanese paradigm won’t work.
157.                   Common sense is more important than being a genius for business.
158.                   Are MBAs over paid?
159.                   Relevance of MBA education to the welfare of society.
160.                   Should it be made compulsory for the IIM graduates to serve in the public sector?
161.                   People with arts background make better managers than those with engineering background.
162.                   Management education is a luxury in poor country like India.
163.                   Should engineers apply for management programme?
164.                   Management education can be cut down to one year.
165.                   MBAs are cultural misfits in India.
166.                   For entrepreneurship MBA is not necessary.
167.                   GD is absolutely required for the selection to an MBA course.
168.                   Will the mushrooming of MBA institutes in India produce professional managers?
169.                   Management graduates are more interested in salaries than in management.
170.                   Increasing MBA schools are diluting MBA education.
171.                   The concept of swadeshi is detrimental to economic growth.
172.                   Public sector should be disinvested.
173.                   Future of MNCs in automobiles industry.
174.                   Privatization in agriculture.
175.                   Effect of subsidies on Indian economy.
176.                   Economic reforms.
177.                   Should India be a planned economy?
178.                   Infrastructure alone cannot improve India’s standing in the international arena.
179.                   Globalization is bad for the Indian economy.
180.                   Is plastic money harming the economy?
181.                   Should Indian railways be privatized?
182.                   Is Mumbai the financial capital of India?
183.                   India is a rich country of poor people.
184.                   Nationalization of banks has only led to inefficiency.
185.                   Will there be a BPO burst?
186.                   To solve India’s socio-economic problem India needs another Gandhi.
187.                   Income tax should be abolished.
188.                   Inflation- its effects on the middle class and the poor.
189.                   Is Commonwealth of Independent States the only solution for India?
190.                   Tax concessions given to women are discriminatory.
191.                   It is high time we drastically cut our defense spending.
192.                   Should urban transportation be subsidized for the public?
193.                   Economists have only hindsight and no foresight.
194.                   India as you visualizes it in the year 2020.
195.                   Smaller states lead to better administration.
196.                   The finance minister has not done anything for the common man.
197.                   Price rise is necessary for the healthy growth of economy.
198.                   Full convertibility is the need of the hour.
199.                   Sustained growth is a mere slogan.
200.                   Growth consumerism is an indicator of the nation’s economic prosperity.
201.                   India’s heritage is a hindrance to its progress.
202.                   The ore you gain, the more you pay.
203.                   Economic reforms are incomplete without political reforms.
204.                   The era of economic colonialism has begun.
205.                   Indian industry should be protected from foreign competition.
206.                   Environmental concerns should not come in the way of economic growth.
207.                   Insurance privatization- advantages.
208.                   Family run business is backbone of the family.
209.                   Should engineers be banned from going abroad after engineering?
210.                   TV as a means for education for students.
211.                   Astrology vs. science.
212.                   Non engineers make better managers.
213.                   Should students participate in politics?
214.                   Indian scientists have failed.
215.                   Post graduation education should be self financed.
216.                   Management education is an unnecessary luxury that a poor country like India cannot afford.
217.                   English alone should be used for higher education and administration.
218.                   Private engineering colleges should be banned.
219.                   Should education be privatized?
220.                   Noise pollution.
221.                   Deforestation
222.                   Economic developments lead to growth of slums.
223.                   Environmental pollution.
224.                   Environmental degradation.
225.                   Eco- sensitivity can be increased by practice rather by mere speaking.
226.                   Pollution is a price that you pay for economic development.
227.                   Genetically modified crops do more harm than good.
228.                   Is plastic better than paper?
229.                   Concern for ecology is luxury meant only for rich.
230.                   Smoking should be banned.
231.                   Environmentalists dampen the fast development of developing countries.
232.                   Developed countries are damaging the ecosystem of the earth.
233.                   Urban pollution has been blown out of proportion.
234.                   Economic development and ecological degradation.
235.                   Ethics is politics.
236.                   Business ethics is a contradiction in terms.
237.                   The right to live includes the right to die.
238.                   Is cloning of human ethical?
239.                   Is greed a key to business success?
240.                   Should selling of human organs be legalized?
241.                   Bribery and corruption should be legalized.
242.                   Profit stinks.
243.                   Gandhian philosophy- is it relevant today.
244.                   Human beings are born selfish.
245.                   Profit at any cost should be the sole motive of business.
246.                   Corruption is a necessary economic and administrative lubricant.
247.                   Entry of multinationals and their business ethics.
248.                   Everything is fair in love and war and in business ethics.
249.                   It is pointless to try to eradicate social injustice.
250.                   The country must have a common civil code.
251.                   Capital punishment has no place in civilized society.
252.                   Nobody can be above the law.
253.                   The constitution of India needs to be re- looked at.
254.                   Should education be brought under the judicial system?
255.                   The Internet is for the benefit of the Indian middle class.
256.                   Effect of information dissemination due to it in the print media.
257.                   India needs high technology.
258.                   Technology advancements and India’s backwardness.
259.                   Computers: boon or curse?
260.                   Will computerization make a robot of all human beings?
261.                   Appropriate technology” what is appropriate for India?
262.                   How far can computers replace human intelligence?
263.                   India needs micro chips not potato chips.
264.                   The electronic media will in future render the print media obsolete.
265.                   Impact of computers on business.
266.                   Is the IT sector drawing away investment from rural sector?
267.                   Importance of e- commerce.


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