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So it’s was add of one more day in startup industry history and few startup’s got funded with huge amount by different giant investors from around the world. The co-founders of these startup’s became millionaire and billionaire in a day, are few stories which will come to your ears after a kick start startup’s get funded.  These stories are like grapevine, but the reality is that there is huge effort involved in achieving this success. Each activity needs detailing from the very start whether it is Marketing, Finance, Operation or Manpower Handling. No company is built alone and neither with huge number of people from starting, it’s usually few like minded people/ entrepreneurs who come together becomes co-founders who fails learn and then starts again. In all these process they take help from few available software to make their work easy. Whether it is about keeping a track on daily cash flow for books of account or CTA (cost to acquire) customers. Actually there are bucket full of …


Yesterday was 13th May, 2013 ‘Akshaya tritiya’ the Holy Day of Hindu and Jain, the day when people buy Gold for goodness in their lives. While buying Gold people ask for the hallmark but hardly know about it, what is its importance at the time of purchasing gold?
We have heard the word carat 24, 22, 20…….etc what exactly it is. Before going in details one thing that should be knows is that different carat price different. Here is the table to make you understand.

Hallmark No.
Percentage of Gold

Now according to the table hallmark number are printed on gold which indicates the percentage of gold present, means purity of gold. If hallmark indicates the number as 100 it means it’s 100% pure gold which means 24 carat, if the number printed is 916 it means it have 91.6% gold and rest 8.4% is other metal and it is of 22 carat and so on.
Thus it is important to know about the hallmark because 22 carat gold price less than 24 carat. If a customer is not aware of this the shopkeeper may sell 14 carat gold with 58.3% of purity at the price of 24 carat and customer will be loser. So next time when you go for buying gold and ask for the hallmarks make sure that the number printed is clear and right and you are priced on the basis of purity of gold.


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