Why India Lags Behind, When Comes To R & D

India's as a country is said to be the world power by 2020 but the investment in science and technology lags far behind that of US, China and South Korea and the government always seems to make effort in this area.
According to statistics available U.S. and South Korea had invested 2.76 percent and 4.04 percent of their GDP, respectively on research and development (R&D) in 2011-12.
But why it is so. The private sector contribution in R&D as percentage of GDP in India is only one-third while two-third is being contributed by the public sector. Say for example, Infosys have 30,000 Crore cash reserves. We have companies that are doing its best in the world but yet we lags in this area.
Research and Development in India
US in one hand is country is origin place for all innovative and creative things whereas on another hand we have Japan which has excelled in Miniature “Small-scale reproduction, or a small version”. US were one to introduce Music system, which Japanese’s gave the shape of Walkman and later US again came with I-Pod.
Why only these two countries, where are we making mistake. Is it the study, genetic or environment? According to me what a man becomes the environment plays a great role. Our education system where there is no innovation, from almost from the time of freedom we are studying the same syllabus, the system of, marks where all study to achieve marks and not knowledge. Our upbringing that is our home where the first careers option is either of Engineering, Medical and now MBA also. Hardly anyone thinks of joining research Institute. Leave about research even a child is not free to make career in sports, people take it as a joke saying everyone can’t be Tendulkar, Dhoni or Nehwal.
People ignore the fact that those who are today in the page 3 or sports columns are because of their interest and choice, and more than that the support from family and others. Today there are huge numbers of engineering colleges its because of the number of students willing to join it. In the same way can happen in area of research when the focus of government, students and parents will come on it.
Yes, slowly we have understood its importance after the success of Mangalyaan. And it will definitely happen but at what speed is unknown.
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