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So it’s was add of one more day in startup industry history and few startup’s got funded with huge amount by different giant investors from around the world. The co-founders of these startup’s became millionaire and billionaire in a day, are few stories which will come to your ears after a kick start startup’s get funded.  These stories are like grapevine, but the reality is that there is huge effort involved in achieving this success. Each activity needs detailing from the very start whether it is Marketing, Finance, Operation or Manpower Handling. No company is built alone and neither with huge number of people from starting, it’s usually few like minded people/ entrepreneurs who come together becomes co-founders who fails learn and then starts again. In all these process they take help from few available software to make their work easy. Whether it is about keeping a track on daily cash flow for books of account or CTA (cost to acquire) customers. Actually there are bucket full of …

What a Marketers can learn from Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi

It have been quiet long time since I started to write blog but fortunately became more active after I entered one of the known B- School in Bengaluru and learnt the lesson about the importance of social media and digital in area of Marketing today and in coming years. After that where ever I went for the interview a question asked by Interviewer was that “What your Blog Basically Dealing with” and my reply was “Current Happenings and my perception towards that”. And so today also I’m going to telling about something great in the market by a person who is considered Favorite of youth that is Mr Narendra Modi. But before moving ahead let me make it clear this post is not in support or criticism of any political parties or their activity. So now moving ahead with the topic one can hate him or love him but can’t deny the fact that he is the most digital/ tech oriented PM India ever had in past few decades.

Few of the steps taken by Mr. PM are proven records of saying by few of our Marketing GURU’s. So here I point out the action taken by him how it was related to marketing. How he branded himself in front of the population of more 1.21billions as well as outside the country boundaries.

1. Social Media- Narendra Modi is available on almost all social networks you take the name. Be it Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Flickr, Youtube. Not only this in order to connect with outside boundaries like China he is also present on very popular social networking site of the country Weibo.

2. Website- He’s Official Website is very much active and is continuously updated about all the activities going on.

3. Radio- Maan Ki Baat started was a great initiative to connect with people residing in rural India, The Program is also broadcasted on Dordarshan Network.

4. New Market- By using social networks Mr Narendra Modi tried to connect with youth of the country who have a opinion by thought that giving it was a waste of energy and time so a website MyGov.In was started whose motive was to understand citizens opinion on towards and Issues, Policy, Activity and so on.

5. Live Conferences- Mr Narendra Modi from the time he came into power he have been continuously having Live Conferences like with police, farmers with a initiative to connect more with them.

Coming to conclusion like when a company after doing its marketing sold a product or services it tries to get the feedback in order to understand weather the customers are satisfied or not. If not what steps should be taken to bring a improvement. This is what even practiced by Mr Narendra Modi. The only Difference is that they are corporate and he is an individual making efforts to run the country with 1.21 Billion population with 29 States with Different Law At State Level and Central Level.


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