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So it’s was add of one more day in startup industry history and few startup’s got funded with huge amount by different giant investors from around the world. The co-founders of these startup’s became millionaire and billionaire in a day, are few stories which will come to your ears after a kick start startup’s get funded.  These stories are like grapevine, but the reality is that there is huge effort involved in achieving this success. Each activity needs detailing from the very start whether it is Marketing, Finance, Operation or Manpower Handling. No company is built alone and neither with huge number of people from starting, it’s usually few like minded people/ entrepreneurs who come together becomes co-founders who fails learn and then starts again. In all these process they take help from few available software to make their work easy. Whether it is about keeping a track on daily cash flow for books of account or CTA (cost to acquire) customers. Actually there are bucket full of …

Branding a Onetime Investment.

Necessity of branding
It was February, 2016 I was travelling to my home town after a gap of one year from Bangalore. I was going to be a long journey since after much difficulty I was able to get a ticket for train and also I was travelling alone. When you are along with your friends and family a journey will be never too boring but if you’re travelling alone and is not lucky enough to get friendly co passenger the journey may become long as decades. But luckily I did not fall into that category and my co passengers were friendly enough, as most of them were from my hometown itself and working in Bangalore in different sector. Time passed and we kept talking on different topics soon, after covering half of total distance we entered Orissa. We got jerk as the train stopped and looked out of the window of the 2 tier compartment and found we were at station Rourkela. Soon the hawkers started to enter with different things to sell. A person middle of 30’s enter with kettle and mud glass and shouting as “kharab se kharab chai pijiye’’ which means in English “drink the worse than worse tea”. Immediately person sitting next to me said “Ruko bhai, ye karab chai hai na, chalo pilao” (Is it bad tea, give me one). He insisted even us to have it, soon every there got one for them. I tasted it and I was not at all bad. With this incidence two theories of marketing strike into my head immediately. Firstly the vendor Negative Marketing pitch that caught almost everyone’s attention and secondly Branding.

Branding is very important for any business, now if you have succeeded in creating a Brand then onwards you do not need to make too much effort on sales. Branding is result of level of experience and expectation.
  • Poor Branding- When customers have no expectation with the product or service and even their experience are not great. Eg: Chinese products
  • Product Branding- Product Excellence breaks the poor brand cell.
  • Power Branding- When customers get emotionally attached to your product. Eg: Maggi is product of Uniliver but hardly any knows it, other eg: is photo copier machine is manufactured by company Xerox.
  • Hollow Branding- When the customer has great expectation with the brand but his experience on using the product of service is low. It creates a Hollow Branding eg: Audience had very high expectation with Aamir Khan coming movie Mangal Pandey, but the experience didn’t match and movie was a disaster.

Now coming to the ‘Karab Chai’ which means ‘Bad Tea’ the hawkers are not increasing the expectation of the Customers and when customers have it and like it, it helps in branding for them. Who tells best managers comes from IIM and Top B-School, try this tea whenever you are passing MP or Orissa and take my words you won’t be able to forget it.
So, this all for today, leave your comment below if you have even experience any of such events.
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