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So it’s was add of one more day in startup industry history and few startup’s got funded with huge amount by different giant investors from around the world. The co-founders of these startup’s became millionaire and billionaire in a day, are few stories which will come to your ears after a kick start startup’s get funded.  These stories are like grapevine, but the reality is that there is huge effort involved in achieving this success. Each activity needs detailing from the very start whether it is Marketing, Finance, Operation or Manpower Handling. No company is built alone and neither with huge number of people from starting, it’s usually few like minded people/ entrepreneurs who come together becomes co-founders who fails learn and then starts again. In all these process they take help from few available software to make their work easy. Whether it is about keeping a track on daily cash flow for books of account or CTA (cost to acquire) customers. Actually there are bucket full of …

Learning From 'MS Dhoni- The Untold Story' Movie

What you learn from MS Dhoni Biopic
Well the movie ‘M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story’ is released and as expected is breaking record. This movie is considered as of the best performance of Sushant Singh Rajput and at the same time there has been question arising on the how far the love story shown resemble with true love story of Dhoni, which indicates of one behaviour of human being is that we are more interested in others personal life than ours. Now keeping these things aside let’s move towards the main reason behind me writing the blog. Every movie depicts a story but every director wants to deliver messages to its spectators/ audience but usually we either ignore it or miss it. So now let’s have a look towards the learning which we get from the movie.

1. Passion- There is a common troll which keeps moving in different social media platform. As what’s use of studying and getting degrees when big companies owners are drop out eg: Dirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs. Not only these coming from Jamshedpur I, know it clearly that once there was news as Dhoni didn’t completed his graduation. So I want to make it clear over here it’s not the pattern that makes you successful its passion and hunger that makes to achieve your dream.

2. Hardwork- We always hears people telling that there’s no substitute of hard work. But how many of us take it seriously. Many be some of us take it, but when the result is not as per desire we hear complains which is natural but at the same time there are two more saying which will make the definition of hardwork clear that is ‘Don’t do Donkey’s Work’ and ‘Do your work do not desire for result’.

3. Opportunity- There’s a small story I’ll like to tell you about it. (There was a man, frustrated with life was complaining to god. After a day’s it was weekend afternoon, while he was sleeping there was a knock on his door. Being lazy he thought let the person on other side knock two three times then I’ll go and open the door, because many a time its neighbour’s children who does the pranks. He waited but there was no second knock and so he did not open the door. During evening he opened the door and found a letter lying down. The letter has words ‘I was opportunity, you are late for it’. The man realised his mistake and closed his door with belief that there will be a knock again but it didn’t happen). You never know in which form the opportunity will approach you, so before denying it make sure what you are ready to lose.

4. Risk- With opportunity there will be a risk associated, make sure you are ready for it and also if you really want to be successful you need to face challenges because by doing ordinary thing you can become ordinary person only.

5. People- My colleague usually say me ‘Sonali no company was build alone’ and he is definitely speaking the truth. You will meet with people who would be supporting you in your journey. They may be your friends, relatives, mentors but your parents would be one who will be standing beside you during your success and failure.

So, this is something that I learnt while watching movie. May be even I have missed few learning which you will notice. If that;s so do comment below your point.


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