About Me

My name is Sonali Srivastava. I am an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Speaker, Artist and a Tech- savvy with hands-on knowledge about SEO, Content/Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Market Research, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Analyst, Analytical Tool (Google Analytic), Branding and Marketing Strategy Consulting. I am passionate about solving problems faced by companies during carrying out their Marketing Activity by using Technology & My Knowledge. I love to keep myself updated of current developments in market continuously. I believe in a statement given by my Professor during my Post Graduation that “Know Something About Everything and Everything About Something”.
This website primarily gives information about me, my projects, thoughts, presentations, skills, and personal inspirations. This website was brought into picture basically to connect individual and companies/ startup who need guidance with respect to marketing.
I carry the Government Voter ID and this proves that I'm 18+ years old now and am Aquarius according to my star sign. I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Acharya Bangalore B School, Bangalore after My Bachelor in Business Administration from Netaji Subhas Institute of Business Management, Jamshedpur. My life has been all about exploration right from hobbies and education to company profiles. I love learning new things and share out my knowledge with others.
Ever since I was young, I've loved automobile design, production process, and advertising. Learning more in each of these through books, magazine and television shows like How Do They Do It on Channels like National Geographic, Discovery Channel. My interest in Marketing grew as I stepped for Under- Graduation and went familiar with some of the popular Case- Studies like About Vodafone Zoo- Zoo Ad, Kingfisher Airlines.  The interest grew bigger as I entered into My Post- Graduation and I started to learn about a thing like Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Research, Google Adsense, Google Analytical, Blogging, etc of My own.
Other than all this mentioned above I've played soccer for 4 years whilst I was in school and was a part of the school team. I got the opportunity to even lead as a captain for school football team which boosted my Leadership Skill and a Team Player. For Extra- Curricular activities, I participated in Paper Presentation, Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits, Fests as Participants and Coordinator for the Event.
The journey to where I now have not been easy and I do not completely credit myself for what I have achieved. None of whatever I am and have achieved could have been done without the support, encouragement, and guidance, of my Parents, Professors/ Faculties, and The Role Model.  I've had mentors in every step in life from whom I've learned different things conceptually and about life. There are way too many people responsible for my upbringing and I'm indebted to them throughout my life.